Sylvie Lacroix – Giuseppe Iacono

Flutist Sylvie Lacroix is internationally well reknown as performer of new music on the highest level. Within the project of her latest Solo-CD flute extended, recently published by Austrian Broadcasting Cooperation ORF, she dedicated herself to new works for flute and electronics by Wolfgang Suppan, Tanja Brüggemann-Stepien, Stephen Ferguson, Reinhard Fuchs und Dániel P. Biró, which have emerged from the cooperation with her. A long concert evening in the large baroque Minoritensaal will present works of the CD, including the tape piece Gris sur bleu II by Sylvie Lacroix herself and confront them with the nearly half-hour electro-acoustic piece La rosa incarnata del suono by the Italian violinist and composer Giuseppe Iacono.

Sylvie Lacroix started her way as a composer from the experience of her instrumental practice, often her works use electronics resp. they live in the electronic medium, using processed instrumental sounds. More recently her compositional work has increasingly been getting international approval, at last at Prix Annelie de Man for the Courante for harpsichord solo from the suite Les Poétesses.
After his studies of violin and composition Giuseppe Iacono more and more turned into electronics and intermedial areas. In his electro-acoustic works and cooperations with filmmakers, he is – starting from noisy instrumental sounds and field recordings – designing fascinating sound worlds of idiosyncratic brusque beauty.
These two approaches to electronics derived from individual instrumental practice find their complement in works that describe a large bow from live-electronics to sound synthesis. The multiple relation between instrument and electro-acoustics will moreover be  investigated in a symposium under participation of the composers, that will take place at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) on January 14th and is organized in cooperation with Christa Brüstle (Centre for Gender Studies, Aesthetics of Music).


Sylvie Lacroix – Flöte

Peter Venus – Klangregie

Davide Gagliardi – technical assistance

Tanja Brüggemann-Stepien: Reglos

Sylvie Lacroix: Gris sur bleu II
Dániel P. Biró: Gräber der Begierde

Stephen Ferguson: All My Flutes
Reinhard Fuchs: Wo die Lippen die Blätter zu Zeichen bewegen

Giuseppe Iacono: La rosa incarnata del suono
Wolfgang Suppan: Rubikon

Tanja Brüggemann-Stepien: AOA I


Friday, January 15th 2016, 20.00 h, Großer Minoritensaal
Mariahilferplatz 3, 8020 Graz