David Pirrò & Martin Rumori

Since many years David Pirrò and Martin Rumori are engaged in art-and-science research projects  in the area of electronic sound generation as well as in performance pratice at the border between acoustic and electronic equipment. Their own artistic work mirrors in sensually fascinating manner the superior handling with most abstract but still very personally adapted concepts from physics and cybernetics.

David Pirrò (* 1978 in Udine, Italy), started early to study piano at conservatory "J. Tomadini". In 2004 he finished the master study in theoretical physics at the university of Trieste. In 2005 he worked at CSC in Padua (Centre for Computational Sonology) together with Prof. De Poli. At Conservatory "G. Tartini" in Trieste he finished a master study in audiovisual composition in 2007.
Thereafter he worked together with Prof. Paolo Pachini in several electroacoustic and audiovisual projects. At present David is working as a scientist and teacher at IEM Graz (Institut of Electronic Music and Acoustics), writing his dissertation Composing Interaction with Prof. Gerhard Eckel. 
His artistic work embraces sound installations, audiovisual and acousmatic compositions as well as performances of improvised computer music, often in cooperation with other sound artists. The design of interactions and spatialised sound compostion are cental aspects of his work.

Martin Rumori (* 1976 in Berlin) studied musicology, informatics and philosophy in Berlin. From 2005 to 2010 he was artistic-scientific staff member of Academy of Media Arts Cologne (sound laboratory). From 2011 to 2013 he was member of the project team of "The Choreography of Sound" and employed as a research associate at IEM (Institut of Electronic Music and Acoustics) / University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. Since 2014 he is investigating electronic and hybrid concert organs at the Institute for Church Music and Organ at the same university. Key aspects of his research are multichannel, real and virtual spatial distribution, adapted recording techniques and extensions of the playing interface. His PhD project at IEM focusses on virtual acoustics and auditively extended environments in the context of sound art. Martin Rumori realizes sound installations, improvised performances and audiovisual works, often including field recordings and semi-narrative fragments of sounds.


Friday, June 5th 2015, 20.00 h, Großer Minoritensaal
Mariahilferplatz 3, 8020 Graz