The branch New Music of Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten intends, by defining it as a main focus, to more often organize concerts, which confront instrumental and electronic sound generation.  The motivation for this orientation comes from the observation, that – although many forms of inclusion of electroacoustic sounds or electronic media have been tried out in the area of new music during the last decades – opposite tendencies are taking place in common concert life. Maybe as a consequence of ongoing social differentiation and specialisation the scenes of western avantgarde music and electroaccoustic music respectively computer music often seem to face each other as strangers. When recollecting the integral interests of post-war avantgarde in this respect – Stockhausen, Nono, Boulez, Ligeti, Xenakis – it becomes clear that the technological state of the era was self-evidently regarded as a chance then. Today this self-evidence is often owned by young musicians, who experimentally use the most advanced possibilities of new technologies in their musical practice.

Therefore concerts with ensembles and solists including electronics will be central, we also aim the support of initiatives of musicians and ensembles of the younger generation, who understand new technologies as a specific musical challenge, as well as the common presentation of electronic and instrumental practice with regard to the simultaneous addressing of otherwise often separated audiences.

Daniel Mayer, 2015